The 13 Tones of the Galactic Calendar

The 13 Tones of Creation convey nature’s creative process as an unfolding 13-day spiral of time. Every day and every person embodies one of The 13 Tones. Each Tone presents qualitative and numeric meaning in itself, and in relationship to the other Tones. There are 3 code words for each Tone that convey their power, action, and essence. The Tone numbers 1-13 are depicted in Galactic Notation.

These transmissions were composed to help you connect with the power and magic of your personal Galactic Signature and can also the used to activate the energy of the Tone of each day.

© Eden & Robert Sky of SkyTime | Descriptions of 13 Tones courtesy of

Tone 1: Magnetic

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 1 represents the indivisible Unity of All that is.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Oneness.

Activate your Magnetic powers by seeing all beings as a part of yourself; by celebrating the one life we all share; by unifying with your soul’s calling – moment by moment – and naturally magnetizing what’s needed to support your journey; by allowing yourself to serve the Whole by pursuing your own heart’s purpose; by being inclusive; by attracting like-minded people to come together in a shared purpose; by awakening to your highest aspirations and believing in your life’s purpose; by effortlessly drawing in resources and allies to assist your continual unfolding; by recognizing no separation exists between you and a boundless universe of possibility…

Tone 2: Lunar

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 2 represents the principle of polarity.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Counter-balance

Activate your Lunar powers by honoring the yin and yang of life as contrasting aspects of one wholeness; by welcoming challenges as opportunities for strength and growth; by being a bearer of stability; by consciously challenging others – encouraging their expansion and development; by challenging the consensus reality; by being wakeful to the art of constructive opposition; by holding your personal perspective even when it isn’t popular, and yet on the contrary, being able to make dramatic shifts that offer coherence as you feel moved by inner knowing; by striving to integrate your inner polarities, and stabilize your own equilibrium; by understanding obstacles to be necessary creative tension that can open new pathways of evolution; by aspiring to be firmly steadied within the constant pulling of night and day, in breath and out breath, moon and sun, self and world…

Tone 3: Electric

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 3 represents both variability and cohesion ~ reflected in the many sacred triads and trinities appearing cross-culturally.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Connectivity.

Activate your Electric powers by uniting and energizing your mind-body-spirit circuit; by allowing the electricity of your being to flow into all that you do; by finding and following your heart’s path of passionate aliveness; by setting creative sparks in motion; by allowing variation to stimulate expanded flows of energy; by overcoming dualities and embracing multiplicities; by forming positive alliances; by assisting connections that amplify yours and others capacities to serve life; by vitalizing your deepest sense of self, that it may guide you in serving the highest good; by joyfully giving your unique gifts to the world around you; by inspiring others to activate their deepest potential and share their inner treasures with the family of life…

Tone 4: Self-Existing

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 4 represents the principle of measure ~ reflected in the 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 limbs of our body, 4 faces of a tetrahedron, 4 chambers of the human heart…

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Structure.

Activate your Self-Existing powers by honoring the importance of form and definition; by being an artist of alchemy; by being measured in your words and actions; by being a bringer of clarity and focus; by making detailed observations, critical analysis, and precise articulations; by adhering to existing formats, yet also being inventive of new formulations when that is your role; by valuing accuracy, consistency and accountability in yourself and others; by sensitizing to the subtle configurations created from the arrangement of energies, people and objects; by beholding the One Web of Life in its myriad of forms; by recognizing that the mental definitions we hold affect our perceptions and experiences of the world around us; by celebrating your capacities to trans-form…

Tone 5: Overtone

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 5 represents the invisible centerpoint within everything.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Center.

Activate your Overtone powers by living an empowered life; by emanating your truths and transmitting your authentic shine; by taking charge of your path and developing confidence in your own light; by focusing on the heart of the matter; by enlivening perspectives that empower yourself and those around you; by trusting your connection with the inner realms and the higher dimensions; by developing a connection to your deepest core – your essential sovereign strength and grace; by being guided by your own inner divine authority; by recognizing the autonomy of each one’s own center; by expanding beyond your personal sense of self to allow universal energies to radiate through you; by taking a stand for the logic of non-linear, radial navigation; by being centered in yourself, centered in the moment, and therefore centered in the center of all that is…

Tone 6: Rhythmic

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 6 represents the rhythm of creative energy in motion.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Organic Balance.

Activate your Rhythmic powers by embodying a steady fluidity throughout the ebb and flow of life; by organizing your reality to support your natural thriving; by appreciating the creative process underlying all endeavors; by learning how to find equilibrium, moment to moment, amidst life’s constant changes; by synchronizing with earthly and universal rhythms; by honoring your own natural timing flow; by being conscious of how you pace your days and your projects, seeking to sync body and soul; by being an agent of creative maintenance, discovering a balance between work and play, giving and receiving, thinking and feeling, doing and being; by allowing your daily rhythms and routines to be an organic balance of discipline and your natural authenticity; by awakening equality ~ finding magic in the mundane, nobility in all beings, and adventure in every moment…

Tone 7: Resonant

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 7 represents the quality of energetic alignment ~ reflected in the 7 chakras of our human energy body.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Vibration.

Activate your Resonant powers by being attuned to the subtle energies of the moment; by honoring your feelings and energetic senses about people and circumstances; by knowing we are all essentially resonant beings – living matrices of vibration; by refining the frequencies you embody and express through your thoughts, words, and actions; by opening to the mystical power of the muse, following your natural passion and allowing the inspiration that flows through you to uplift yourself and others; by being a conscious channel for energy and information; by being discerning of the energetic field you are immersed in based on your environment and your choices; by recognizing that by making even subtle shifts, hugely positive transformation can occur; by fine-tuning your reality as needed to invoke greater inspiration and soul alignment in your life….

Tone 8: Galactic

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 8 represents the patterned harmony of nature’s order.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Wholeness.

Activate your Galactic powers by seeing life from a larger perspective; by realizing our Earth and ourselves as members of a vast galactic whole; by integrating your being with the intrinsic harmony of nature; by cultivating an inner sense of harmony and extending that energy to the world around you; by living your ideals and modeling your core values; by staying loyal to your truth regardless of external influence, yet discovering how to be in accord with the needs of others; by being an emissary of galactic intelligence; by knowing yourself to be a fractal of a totality, one note in the song of the galaxy…

Tone 9: Solar

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 9 represents the non-linear connection between consciousness and the physical realm.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Awakened Mind.

Activate your Solar powers by realizing the multidimensionality of mind; by wielding intention as the catalyst and shaper of manifestation; by realizing it is the intention behind all words and deeds that is the true generator of their effects; by cultivating your capacities to receive and transmit intuitive telepathic pulses; by learning to consciously broadcast and emanate from your heart-mind-body connection as a beacon of illumination; by honoring the solar pulsations of light energy coming to us from the cosmos through our Sun; by knowing our aspirations and motivations are living, pulsing forces that unfold and manifest our reality, and ripple out far beyond us…

Tone 10: Planetary

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 10 represents actualization and fruition.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Attainment.

Activate your Planetary powers by being a manifester – one who makes things happen; by uniting the essence and the physical, merging spirit and matter; by helping personal or collective visions to materialize; by sensitizing to what elements must be added, removed, or refined in order for it all to come together; by dancing with the paradox of continually aspiring to become your best, while knowing that you are already perfect as you are right now; by triumphantly sharing your gifts with the world; by actualizing your love for life and our planetary home; by acknowledging that all we bring to this world – our thoughts, words and deeds – directly contributes to the one planetary equation; by knowing yourself and all others as “planetary kin” – equal and essential member of earth’s community…

Tone 11: Spectral

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 11 represents the power of creative dissolution and dissonant structure.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Freedom.

Activate your Spectral powers by releasing rigid concepts and definite notions of what should be; by being willing to explore an entire spectrum of potentiality; by surrendering to the “spectral flow” of spontaneous detours, seeming disruptions, and what may appear as chaos; by allowing structure to dissolve in order to be liberated into new possibilities; by celebrating the constructive forces of deconstruction; by learning to fluidly shape-shift; by freeing yourself and others from limiting perceptions; by letting go into the vastness of formlessness; by freeing your soul – releasing into the majesty of your full wing-span; by submitting your personal will to the Great Mystery as it reveals itself in every moment…

Tone 12: Crystal

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 12 represents the principle of complex stability ~ the crystallization of harmonized structure.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Synergy.

Activate your Crystal powers by being an instrument of higher order; by having comprehensive vision; by cooperating with your own higher self; by generating networks of positive energies; by enlivening the wisdom of the circle – intentionally bringing community together; by honoring and celebrating what each person brings to the collective energy; by collaborating and joining forces to energize causes you believe in; by staying dedicated to your deepest callings; by following the crystalline clarity of your heart; by expressing your earthly wisdom in a form that can be widely received; by extending the magic of your soul to the Universal whole…

Tone 13: Cosmic

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:

Tone 13, symbolized by the spiral, represents the dynamic of movement present in everything and by which everything is ever-changing and vivified by universal, cosmic life force.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Omnipresence.

Activate your Cosmic powers by being a disciple of the present moment; by cultivating your capacities to be wakeful and receptive to each new now; by going beyond the rational mind and letting yourself think with your ancient heart; by being conscious of your continuum, while still living in the moment; by learning to “ride the spiral,” ascending to higher levels of being; by allowing your cosmic spirit to carry you through the many journeys of trial and triumph this life has to offer; by transcending fears of the future; by transcending regrets of the past; by transcending the limits of linear time and synchronizing with the radial flow of synchronic reality; by recognizing us all to be but evolving children of an ever-unfolding cosmos…

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