Thank you for your inspired support, Time Travelers.

Some of the galactic images and intellectual phrases on this site come with clear permissions from the “Foundation of the Law of Time,” and they are the Mothership of the more advanced aspects of this whole system’s science.

What we share at Zuvuya.space is but a morsel of the vast knowledge that can be found within the Foundation of the Law of Time’s archives. There, you will find a fountain of impeccable education, books, teachings, and downloadables from Jose Arguelles as well as Stephanie South. Much of our 22 years of exploration were originally delivered via Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South’s 7-volume Cosmic History Chronicles.

We—at Zuvuya—thrive in the exploration, teaching, and embodying of the “Law of Time’s” principles. Although the property you see here is somewhat of a shared birthright to all of us, we ask you to respect and honor what we’ve created here. We wish enjoyment when exploring our wearables and sharings and ask that you not reproduce, repackage, or borrow without clear permission.

We hope to inspire you in creating your own Galactic Art to share with the world.

In Lak’ech,
Zuvuya team

In Lak’ech = I am another you