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  • 1. The Red Dragon

    1. The Red Dragon

    With Ruby expanding the frequency of the root chakra, as well as being associated with Primal force, it naturally found its way embedded in the Dragon ring. The Red Dragon tribe is gifted in birthing – be that of new ideas, nurturing creative projects and or advanced versions of themselves, etc. Ruby enhances the Dragon’s…

  • 2. The White Wind

    2. The White Wind

    The White Wind tribe already has an innate link to spirit, of which guides their thoughts and communication. White sapphire fortifies their conduit of communication with spirit – and assists in clear thoughts through enhanced objectivity. This helps Winds to strengthen their psychic capabilities while also heightening discernment. 

  • 3. The Blue Night

    3. The Blue Night

    Obsidian is a phenomenal stone for the Blue Night tribe. With Nights often found traversing the astral plane and otherworldly realms, obsidian offers them the psychic protection they may need. Obsidian also assists in grounding Nights back down to Earth and into their bodies. The copper inclusions amplify the qualities of the obsidian while also…

  • 4. The Yellow Seed

    4. The Yellow Seed

    Citrine plays a helping hand in the Yellow Seed Tribe’s powerful ability to manifest. In fact, Citrine is known as a magical stone for manifesting. It helps bring creativity to the mind while also assisting in bringing that energy into form. Citrine gives the Seed an extra boost to reach their flowering stage. 

  • 5. The Red Serpent

    5. The Red Serpent

    Energetically, carnelian is a powerful healing stone. It assists in healing the lower physical chakras – which tunes the Red Serpent Tribe back to their instinctual senses. This in turn, enhances the flow of energy throughout their body allowing for an influx of creative, sexual, and life force energy to flow in.

  • 6. The White Worldbridger

    6. The White Worldbridger

    Malachite is a potent ally for The White Worldbridger Tribe in the bridging of worlds that they do. This stone brings emotional balance while boosting the heart’s energy. Malachite also helps Worldbridgers overcome their fear of using their power – and offers high protection from negative energies.

  • 7. The Blue Hand

    7. The Blue Hand

    blue hablue handBlue sapphire could not be a more perfect fit for the Blue Hand Tribe. This stone promotes a deeper understanding of one’s self through the activation of the higher mind and the mental discipline to focus. Blue sapphire is a stone of learning. It helps the Hand Tribe access their deep, innate inner-knowing…

  • 8. The Yellow Star

    8. The Yellow Star

    Lapis lazuli is a wonderful stone for the Yellow Star Tribe to work with. Lapis is a stone that offers the gift of self knowledge – which helps Stars to dive deeper into themselves to uncover their gifts and how to express them. Activating the higher mind and expanding awareness of one’s intentions, is another…

  • 9. The Red Moon

    9. The Red Moon

    With the Red Moon Tribe being considered the most emotional out of all the others, rainbow moonstone suits them well. It helps the Moons sort through their constant flow of emotions to find meaning. Rainbow moonstone also aids in the clearing of psychic senses and deflects negative energies before entering a Moon’s auric field. One…

  • 10. The White Dog

    10. The White Dog

    Indicolite tourmaline is a great gem for the White Dog Tribe. This stone helps Dogs to express their insights and feelings in a more graceful manner – which may increase the quality and quantity of friendships for them. Indicolite also helps identify the root causes of imbalance in their lives and enhances the ability to…

  • 11. The Blue Monkey

    11. The Blue Monkey

    Turquoise pairs well with the Blue Monkey Tribe’s ability to unveil illusions. This stone assists in discovering the truth from the awareness of the heart. It assists Monkeys in the perception of not only themselves, but on the collective scale. Turquoise also provides the wearer with balance, peace, and compassion. 

  • 12. The Yellow Human

    12. The Yellow Human

    Rutilated quartz is known for being a programmable stone – which means that it can magnify whatever energies and intentions one is working with. This quality goes hand in hand with the Yellow Human Tribe’s power of free will. The Humans can decide how to use this stone to best further their personal transformation and…

  • 13. The Red Skywalker

    13. The Red Skywalker

    Rose quartz is a stone of love, for everything and everyone. It is a great stone for healing the wounds of the Red Skywalker Tribe while also dissolving latent anger and resentment stored within them. Rose quartz also helps to rekindle trust in Skywalkers while dispelling fears and suspicions that may arise. It calms the…

  • 14. The White Wizard

    14. The White Wizard

    Maldek explosion – moldavite formed by massive collision (tremendous power) Spiritual breakthroughs Accelerates path of personal evolution Incidence of beneficial synchronicities Spiritual protection Disconnect from unhealthy attachments Lays bare the limitations one has put on their life and development Overcome them   Moldavite was formed by a massive collision many years ago and is a…

  • 15. The Blue Eagle

    15. The Blue Eagle

    The Blue Eagle Tribe is often soaring the skies of consciousness. Amethyst offers a protective energetic shield while also increasing the heights in which Eagles can soar. It is a powerful stone for stimulating the crown chakra – and is associated with the wind element. Amethyst is the perfect stone for providing Eagles with more…

  • 16. The Yellow Warrior

    16. The Yellow Warrior

    Yellow sapphire builds upon the ‘pathfinder’ aspect of the Yellow Warrior Tribe. This stone assists in realizing new directions and stimulates the mind – and will – needed to carve them out. Sometimes, obstacles may arise on a path – and one can either overcome it, or find a new path. Yellow sapphire helps with…

  • 17. The Red Earth

    17. The Red Earth

    Morganite helps The Red Earth Tribe to activate the rainbow-bridge within themselves, thus activating the noosphere. This stone brings massive waves of cosmic love along with an inner sense of peace. It opens up and cleanses the heart chakra for Earths to feel into the cosmic love within and around them.

  • 18. The White Mirror

    18. The White Mirror

    How does a mirror see itself? Iolite acts as a mirror for the White Mirror Tribe. This stone helps to illuminate the things one must face, taking them on a journey to the deep self. It allows for Mirrors to see their wounds – which automatically opens the path to heal them. Uncovering lost parts…

  • 19. The Blue Storm

    19. The Blue Storm

    Tanzanite helps the Blue Storm Tribe see things from the eye of the storm. This stone helps Storms recenter into their heart space while also integrating it with their mind. From this, it allows Storms to catalyze change more compassionately. Tanzanite also eases the mind from going off on mental tangents.

  • 20. The Yellow Sun

    20. The Yellow Sun

    The Yellow Sun Tribe is always enlightening or awakening others and sometimes they struggle with focusing on themselves. Imperial topaz assists in bringing the focus back to oneself – activating the ability to direct their energy. This helps the Suns to acknowledge and express their creativity and personal will in order to manifest their desires.

  • SiriusB Pendant

    SiriusB Pendant

    This astrological glyph, mentioned in the Foundation of the Law of Times, “Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac,” is a symbol that has been etched in our divine consciousness since the beginning of time. SIRIUS can be defined as GLOWING. Also known as the Dog Star, Sirius has great significance in our lives and acts as…

  • StarMap pendant

    StarMap pendant

    This Galactic Mayan Interdimensional StarMap helps you to align with your Cosmic Memory, and was originally created by Jose Arguelles (also known as Valum Votan). Wearing this pendant will help you generate new time wave spirals –  the key is to imbue this map into your chakra system to embody the star knowledge, thus bettering…